Be the star of the show!

Is it a weird power, or what is going on?

Tony can make people think they have won the Lotto, that a broom is the love of their life, that they speak fluent Martian, or that they are highly-paid Chippendales. He can even make the fellows go into labour, and we don't mean the political party.

A hypnosis show is the ultimate in audience participation. The stars are drawn from the audience, and before they know it they are in the grip of Tony's mesmeric eyes, and acting out in ways the audience never thought possible. 

Tony has one firm rule; he treats his volunteers with respect. They are safe, and they will not be embarrassed (too much). But that's it. Beyond that, anything goes! No entertainment is more versatile than hypnosis. It can be pure comedy, farce, or something mysterious and moving. It is only limited by the imagination of the volunteers.

Hypnosis allows Tony unlock your mind, and reveal your inner comedian. The show can be tailored for any event. Tony has performed a sixties rave, a Jamaican Reggae night, as Dracula for a Halloween fight-fest, and as Santa for a Christmas party.

Maybe you have your own wacky idea? Tony would love to turn that into a show. Festivals, parties, weddings, fund-raisers, company nights, college shows - Tony has the show for any occasion. Check out some of the more popular ideas below.

The Trance of Romance

This is the most popular show for weddings. Just pure entertainment, and very family friendly.

The show lasts an hour, and packs in the laughs. Tony occasionally uses his ventriloquism skills to turn the groom into a dummy!

Dirty Trancing

Roll up! Roll up! For the Greatest Show on Earth. Tony is the Ringmaster, and anything can happen.

This show features a bed of nails, a bear trap, and exploding toilets. A winner for festivals, theaters and colleges.

This show has been specially written for college SHAG Weeks, with it's risque content and sexual health message. 

Without the message it is great for pubs and wilder parties. Book this one if you want things to get crazy.

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