Easy Fundraising...

Did that get your attention?

Raising funds for charities, schools, sports clubs, and special events, is very difficult. But now Tony Black can help. You have to offer something if you want people to give you money.  The days are gone when someone would give you money just to support you. Charity has been a victim of the recession. But if you give people a good night out, with a great show, they will happily pay for that – and your charity takes the money.

How does it work?

You find a venue locally – a hotel, pub, or hall. Because it is for a charity, you can probably find a venue for free. We do the rest – provide the posters, the tickets, any sponsorship cards, organize the raffle, and set up a special promotional page on Facebook. We send press releases to the papers and radio stations. We provide a full sound system for the night. We bear all those costs. All you have to do then is sell the tickets.

Tony Black asks for a small fee for the show – substantially reduced from his regular rate – and a percentage of the ticket sales. You get the rest. Tony’s fee is €400, and 20% of ticket sales. The rest goes to your charity.

So how does that work out?

If the tickets are set at €15, you need to sell less than 40 to break even. Here is how it works in practice.

You sell        Total         Tony gets          You get

40 tickets      €600           €520                 €80

70 tickets      €1,050         €610                 €440

100 tickets    €1,500         €700                 €800

150 tickets    €2,250         €850                 €1,400

300 tickets    €4,500         €1,300              €3,200

Then there is the raffle takings – which all go to your charity. You could easily make several hundred euro more on the raffle.

Any other ideas?

You could run a psychic night. Everyone pays €5 to enter. There will be a lecture/demonstration, then people can have their cards read, or their palms read. They pay for the readings. You also make on the raffle, on selling coffees, etc. This provides less income than the hypnosis show, but is even easier to organize.

What's the next step?

Contact Tony at least a month before you want to stage the show. He will advise you on choosing a venue, then you start selling the tickets. That is all you have to do.

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