Unleash Your Potential

What can the human mind do?

More importantly, what can you and your employees do?

Let Tony Black's experience be your guide. Through his knowledge of hypnosis and NLP, Tony can teach you strategies to make you fly. As a keynote speaker his presentation is highly interactive, and you will take away vital lessons that will improve your performance.

Tony doesn't believe in the supernatural. But he can do things that will blow your mind. He has honed his intuition to such a high level he can actually read your thoughts. He can tell your PIN Number, your favourite celebrity, your deepest fantasies. He can teach you to unlock your own intuition, and your super-power memory.

Years of practice have led to Tony being able to control his mind and body to an amazing extent. He can lie on a bed of nails, put his hand in a trap, or walk on broken glass. And he can teach you to do the same - how empowering is that?

Tony can tailor his presentations to deliver a powerful message, as in the clip below, when a college wanted to emphasise sexual health awareness. Why not talk to me and see what I can offer?

What I learned breaking a Guinness world record.

Breaking a world record is never easy. It marks you as the top in your field. I chose a particularly difficult record to break - the longest public lecture.

Listen and learn the lessons from speaking for 62 hours without a break. Funny and insightful. Packed full of humour, you will pick up insights to bring into your business life.

The Magical Ice-breaker

I am a skilled magician who brings humour to my performances. I bring light-hearted fun to your event that will break the ice between delegates.

As a skilled MC, or after-dinner speaker, I will keep your event on track, and bring a magical element. I could be the unique talking point you are looking for.

Never forget a face

Imagine remembering everyone you met at that last conference - every name and every face. Insane? Insanely useful. A supercharged memory gives you an instant advantage.

I can show you strategies that make it possible. Guaranteed - everyone will remember twice as much with half the effort.

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