He has the Power… to make you laugh

He has the Power… to make you gasp

He has the Power… to unlock your mind

He has the Power… to entertain like no other


Tony has been fascinated with hypnosis since childhood. His career began as a stand-up comedian and magician. His hypno-skills are so finely tuned he can claim to be The Lord of the Trance.

He reads minds, finds your card, makes your money disappear. He delights and bewilders audiences, all with an impish sense of humour.

Four times Irish magic champion, his shows are a combination of traditional hypnosis, mind-reading, dangerous stunts, illusions, and ventriloquism. He has performed all over Ireland and Europe.

If you want something special, he can offer you a bespoke themed show. Hypnosis is only limited by your imagination.

A published author on speaking and a skilled public speaker, Tony has broken world records and made the British Toastmasters' final twelve times.

It was a great night - thanks for being such a big part of it.

GE Woodchester, Shannon

Thank you for your unique contribution to our day.

Mary McAlleese, former President

Tony, well done as usual. Thanks once again. 

Vince Gallagher, University College Cork

© 2018 By Tony Black