Tony has broken a few rules and boundaries – absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended.

Keith Barry

Tony Black, the Original Zoom

Magician & Mind-reader

Tony Black is a multi-award winning magician, mentalist and hypnotist, and has quickly mastered the online format. He offers a wide range of performances for festivals, corporate events, and private parties. Tony brings an in-depth magical knowledge and a light-hearted approach to every performance. 

Whether you want your guests blown away, or just kept laughing, look no further than Tony Black. You can have Ireland's top online entertainer attend your event via the magic of the internet.

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Welcome to the new magic -

zooming at you.

Tony Black's Zoom Show is an incredible online magic and mind-reading show, great for special occasions, corporate events, or sharing with friends. Join Tony from the best seat in the house. All done via Zoom.

Despite the lockdown celebrations go on, festivals are going online, companies still want someone to entertain their staff after stressful weeks. Icebreakers are needed at online conferences. So here comes the Virtual Magician, a unique new experience. I can appear on your computer screen, phone, iPad or laptop via the magic of Zoom and the internet. Up to 200 people can join in the Zoom shows. Video Trailer at the bottom.


How does an online magic show work?

Very simple really. All you need is a laptop, phone or tablet and the Zoom app. But don’t worry - Skype, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, even Facebook messenger, all work as well. With Zoom you can have from one to 200 people - family, friends, co-workers, conference attendees. Even those in other countries.


You can watch the magic, you can interact with the magician, and you can chat to your friends. Just like the real thing. And it is hilarious. A genuine laugh a minute experience.


Online Zoom Virtual Magic Show

The Zoom Show is a mix of magic and mind-reading, with plenty of laughs and a smidgen of hypnosis, and lasts from twenty minutes to an hour - your choice. Tony has designed the show to work perfectly online. Tricks have been chosen to work with this new format. The small screen is perfect for some effects. And it allows for a very intimate performance.​​​​​​​​​​​

What sort of event is the Zoom party suitable for?

Anything at all - significant birthdays, family celebrations, 21sts and engagement parties, or just a different get-together during these strange times. Get old friends together, have a street party indoors, or join with family abroad in a fun way. Or treat your employees to a laugh and a bit of mystery.


And it’s not like watching a YouTube clip, or a magician on the television. This is interactive - you get to be part of the fun.


Where is the Zoom Magic Show available?

In the past few weeks Tony has performed in Ireland, the UK, both coasts of the USA, and in Canada. Borders no longer exist - you can book Tony Black from any part of the world, in any time zone.


Who is Virtual Magician Tony Black?













Video trailer at the bottom


Tony Black is a magician, mind-reader, hypnotist and stand-up comedian. He is also a best-selling author and a powerful public speaker. He has been Irish magic champion four times, and performed this year at the Blackpool Convention, the biggest magic convention in the world. 

His show mixes magic with strong mind-reading and perhaps hypnosis. All shows are guaranteed to make you laugh. But if you want a message (corporate clients, for instance) Tony can also incorporate that. Or a lesson in how to apply the techniques of the magician to real life, be it sales, persuasion, or memory improvement. 

Tony is also a very popular family magician. His magic and puppet show for the smaller people is a hoot.

How many people can watch an online magic show?

Zoom allows up to 200 people but for most private events anything from two to ten is normal. For festivals, Facebook live on the festival page is often the best option, offering unlimited numbers. For Corporate events, Zoom easily facilitates big crowds.


What about Online Festival Shows?

An online show is a great option for festivals that cannot go ahead this summer. Every festival has a Facebook page. Tony can become a temporary administrator and do a wonderful online show for your event. Numbers watching are unlimited. He can do a great hour long show, or do a series of shorter shows, perhaps spread over a few days, to keep the excitement going. Or he can do an evening adult show, and an afternoon kids show.

What does an online Zoom magic show cost?

As with physical parties, costs vary. Obviously I don’t have transport costs, but you are still paying for my time and talent. Because we are all going through tough times together I have tried to keep the shows affordable, especially for private parties. But for bigger events, Corporate entertainment, and festivals, higher charges will apply. Contact me for more details.


How do I book the Tony Black Zoom party?

Simply get in touch by email, by phone, or contact me via my Facebook page. I will send you a link for the payment, and an invite to the Zoom meeting. Or whatever format you prefer. I can help you with the app too. It is really very simple. Get in touch and I’ll talk you through it.

Does it have to be Zoom?

Zoom seems to be the best for private parties. Facebook Live works great for festivals and some Corporate promotions. But any online platform (Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams) will also work.


Can we talk to you during the show?

Absolutely. I want you joining in, just like in a physical show.

Final thoughts

The advantages of this type of digital show are obvious. You can pick the time of your show - literally any time, from morning to bedtime. It costs a fraction of my regular show price. And if you want to repeat it a week or a fortnight later, you get a completely different show. This is only limited by your imagination.

Call me for more details on 087 7504321, email me, or message me on my facebook page. And stay safe! Tony​

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